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Hi and welcome to my website. This is a place where you can come to not only shop, but to also read about me and my adventures. I feel in love with essential oils over 20 years ago when I saw them being used on my father in an ICU bed in a major metropolitan hospital. 

Looking back now it is amazing how advanced they were. I now find myself in the position where I can share my love of combining modern medicine with natural alternatives to make an holistic approach to health care.

I am not a crunchy grow your own food and only eat organic hippy. I love science, the brain and facts and figures. The science doesn’t lie neither does the evidence, which is why I find myself in the position to share my love of these oils and products with you.

Life is really like a choose your own adventure book and I really hope you choose to start your oil journey with me. What’s the worse thing that could happen? Maybe change your life?

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Find out how doTERRA sources our essential oils, and why that matters. Many companies cut corners when it comes to planting, growing, and harvesting their oils. doTERRA’s commitment to providing the highest quality essential oils in the industry has inspired so many people that it’s taken us around the globe!

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Triggered! Breathe in Breathe out and Repeat

Today was a bad day, I was Triggered. Frozen in my car I had to make a choice. Face my fear, face my trigger, or just keep driving. Once I was home and safe this is how I use my tools to help myself start to survive and thrive.

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