My Story

Hi I'm Jodie House

I have had a secret love affair with essential oils for over 20 years. It all started with one of those oil candle burners in my college dorm room which I think every student in the 1990s had. It then moved onto making potions and lotions for my father whilst he was living with a long term illness and has progressed from there. So before we go any further you need to learn a bit more about me. During my life I have been a daughter, student, career, teacher, girlfriend, wife and mother. Over the last 18 years whilst being all of these I also have my other secret identity, that of a Paramedic. To me being a Paramedic is not a career it is a lifestyle. It is a job I love but it comes with excess baggage and a lot of sacrifices not only to be made by me, but also my family. It is a job where more often than not I get to come not second, but third in my priorities, Patients first, family second and then if there is anything left over you come third.

So life was going great until 2014 when after a very long IVF journey my husband and I were blessed to welcome our son Sebastian to our family. Little did I know that coming home with this beautiful new born baby would my life change. As well as going through all the new mother feelings and sensations, I suddenly found myself looking around our house and finding all these thing that could cause harm or worse kill my child. You see to me accidents may not happen sometimes, they happen all the time, all day long… welcome to the word of PTSD and living with a paramedic. We tend to live life thinking worst case scenario at all times 24/7. So this is when I started looking for natural alternatives to help detoxify our life, health and home.


During this journey of detoxification I was looking to find my essential oils again. Thankfully the universe was listening to me and one night I found myself in bed watching an online class on facebook focusing on essential oils and kids sleep. I knew I needed to get rid of all the candles and hot things in my house and this was my answer. I found myself enrolling with DoTERRA Essential oils. Me being me, I didn’t purchase an enrollment kit, no, I purchased 4 random oils that were hopefully going to help me with my insomnia (you see my child slept very well I was secretly watching for myself). Who knew what an impact these magical bottles would have on my life. I quietly sat at home putting in my monthly orders and getting my purple boxes and slowly the changes to my health, life, moods, vitality were noticeable to everyone. Who knew these oils actually worked!!! I was sleeping, the mood swings had decreased, my gut health was amazing, I felt energetic and wasn’t looking to have a nanna nap at 2pm everyday and more importantly my mental health was slowly starting to get better.

So the first step was falling in love with the oils and this amazing company. Then my awesome upline gave me the opening I needed to start sharing how amazing these products are, and this is when I became the accidental leader. No one could stop me shouting from the rooftops about all the changes I was discovering in my life, and guess what people listened and liked what they heard. and this is where it all began. My life has a new direction and I am so excited to share it all with you. Life really is like a choose your own adventure book and I hope you choose to start you adventure with me