Running your own Essential Oil Business


Are you stuck in a push-strive-hustle pattern that has taken the FUN from your business?

Do you love to dream up and create new products, offerings, and services, but when it’s time to market them and announce your awesomeness to the world you… freeze?

So instead of strutting your stuff, and confidently setting up dream classes and adding customers into your sparkling new “Oily Tribe ” you’re hiding like a snail inside its protective shell. Out comes the negative self-talk, the looooong chats with your business besties, and the chocolate.

You turn into a needy addict that needs approval from everyone that crosses your path: your partner, your children, your friends, and your clients.

And because it makes you uncomfortable to stare truth in the (evil) eye, you keep yourself busy with “stuff.” Soon, one week turns into one month, then one year. And you’re still trying to launch that new baby of yours into the world.

Damn that sucks. It sucks because you KNOW that you can do better. You ARE better than that. Yet, you use every opportunity for self-sabotage.

Welcome to my (old) world. I can totally relate.

Why the heck do we do that?

What turns gifted women like us into self-doubting excuse makers?

Why do intelligent women miss opportunity after opportunity to catapult their brilliance to the next level – and the level after that? Well , I think I’m an expert on that topic because I’ve been this self doubting women for most of my adult years. I believe that when you’re not 100% in alignment with your passion business you feel… icky. It affects your business mojo and the way you market your business to the world (or not).

Your alignment gets affected by:

  • Other people’s ideas of how you should run our business.
  • Feedback from people who mean well, but lack the biz savvy to give you an objective opinion.
  • Your inability to listen to your gut feeling: and consequently you take on clients or work projects that make you feel YUCKY!
  • Not being clear on your values, boundaries, and big-picture why.
  • Scatterbrain planning.
  • The moon: no kidding!
  • The first rule of creating a business that’s fun + profitable…
  • Is to commit to FUN tasks only and outsource the rest. Your business should feel like a guilty pleasure to you.
  • Your business should make you feel alive, ready to jump out of bed in the mornings, keen to tackle your to-do list.
  • The sheer thought of working with your clients should make you go all gooey and warm in your heart. If it doesn’t, it’s time to ditch the people that don’t belong on your client docket.
  • Ditch ’em nicely.

When asking for feedback, make sure that the advice you need is from qualified professionals. Sure, it’s great to get the input from a bunch of business besties about your latest product.

But unless they ARE dream client material, and actually “need” your product, take their advice with a grain of salt.

In a world where we can get feedback at the click of a mouse you can quickly get side tracked when asking for group feedback from a bunch of business owners who may not be your dream client (or an expert on the topic). Just sayin’. A fun business is a simple business. Commit to the offers that light you up. Retire everything else from your portfolio. I usually declutter my business every six months or so. It feels great. I know it is time for another declutter round when I start to lose my marketing mojo.

Listen to your body.

You body operates on its own rhythm. Pay attention to the times when you effortlessly attract amazing dream clients, and when you feel as if your work boot is stuck in grimy gunk.

Work according to your body clock. And pay attention to the phases of the moon, sun flares and starbursts, because these energies affect us all. Your gut knows—honour her wisdom.

A fun, profitable business needs 5 essential ingredients:

  1. Simplicity.
  2. Clarity.
  3. Passion.
  4. Focus.
  5. Consistency.

That’s all.

  • Simplicity in what you offer to your tribe.
  • Clarity comes from understanding your values, boundaries and your big-picture why.
  • Passion should be at the centre of everything you do.
  • Focus is… intention.
  • Consistent action creates momentum.
  • And momentum creates… success.
  • When you (truly) enjoy what you do it shows.
  • When you market your business with enthusiasm it inspires.
  • When you sell with magnetic eloquence you become… irresistible.
  • Enthusiasm is contagious!

Your enthusiasm inspires your tribe to look closer at what you do. In doing so they’ll connect deeper with you than ever before, and so you’ll profit with ease, because what’s not to love when a women leads her tribe with authentic enthusiasm and charm.

The FUN in marketing your dōTERRA business starts with you + your perception of what you think you need to do, and what you actually want to do.

Sure you need a marketing funnel that consistently brings new people into your tribe.

Sure you need to put yourself out there, so people actually know you exist.

But it doesn’t have to be icky. Just focus on doing the things that light you up and show up… consistently. Pick ONE platform to market your business and get really good at that, before you move to play elsewhere.

You don’t need to have a huge presence on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and your blog to make your business fly. Find out where your tribe hangs out and go there. Play BIG and you’ll see just how much fun marketing can be when you let go of have to dos.

You’re building an amazing legacy business already. The only way you can fail is when you give up. As long as you have a dream to make a difference, you just need to keep showing up.

Do your best every single day and that’s really all you + I can do.

You rock. You have amazing gifts + the world needs you to be a shining light, so we can get inspired and light up our lives when you bedazzle us with your brilliance.

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